Best 5 Weight Loss Tips For Lifestyle Change

Weight loss tips always come in handy. Simple changes in your daily habits can change your life dramatically. If you are trying to lose weight, try some of these great weight loss tips. They are simple and easy changes that can help you lose the weight.

Tip 1: Keep a food diary

People tend to eat on the go, often not giving thought to what they eat, let alone how many calories they consume. Try to keep a food diary of what you eat for 7 days. After the 7 days, go back and determine how many calories you consumed per day and where the majority of the calories came from. Often, people are astounded by the amount they actually consume. They typically give little to no thought at a hamburger and fries or pizza for lunch or pizza but, that's just one meal, after dinner, a glass of wine or a morning stop to ihop, those calories add up. Nine times out of ten, people are consuming much more than their suggested daily intake.

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Tip 2: Salad Plates instead

Chances are, the more that's on your plate, the more you will eat. Try eating your meals on a salad plate instead of a dinner plate. This way you keep the portions on your plate to a minimum. Once you finish, no seconds!

Tip 3: Park farther away

Park farther away from supermarkets and businesses when you arrive. As simple as it sounds, by parking farther away from the entrance door, you will be increasing your exercise. It's one of the easiest weight loss tips to help you burn more calories and you won't even feel like you're exercising.

Tip 4: Weight Loss Buddy

Find a weight loss buddy. Losing weight can be hard enough, try to find a weight loss buddy that you can exercise and share your experiences with. You can be each others motivation and inspiration. Studies show that people who have a support system when attempting weight loss, are more apt to stick with the program and see it through.

Tip 5: Restock the Refrigerator

Go through your refrigerator and get rid of everything that does not support your new lifestyle. Get rid of the ice cream, the mayonnaise, the frozen hot pizzas, the cheese enchiladas and everything else that does not support your mission. These things can be OK in moderation, but moderation does not mean keep a stockpile of temptations in your fridge. Get rid of it!

Instead stock your fridge with weight loss foods that support a healthy well balanced lifestyle. Fresh vegetables, fruits, yogurt, and 100% juices. Avoid anything processed and if at all possible avoid meat. Opt for high protein healthier options such as peas, lentils and beans.

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